CyzoArt | BLACKSNOW | ZANELE | 2018
Finished, not perfect!
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Lately I have come to realise just how hard i have been on myself. This is a piece I drew way back in 2016, and because I focused too much on getting it to look ‘perfect”, I ended up not finishing the thing at all. I would open up the file every now and then but nothing ever came of it, the more I opened the file the more the work aged because i kept grow. So I decided to just redo it from scratch and finish it regardless what he final product was, which came with its own set of challenges. My anatomy wasn’t he greatest and I forgot what the original idea was.

However this time I had my Instagram followers partake in giving her a name, the response was great as always. The final product isn’t perfect by any means by I am just happy its finished

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