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I met Andile Dube, the founder of Young Hustla Initiative late last year when he came to Joburg, we had a brief discussion and shared a couple of ideas, the conversation led towards collaborating on a comic book, an idea which he shared with me during our meeting.I haven’t illustrated a comic book since I was in grade 10, that and the fact that I was slowly working my way through a severe artistic block ( it’s actually just laziness) so I was a way in over my head. I was initially supposed to complete it in about a month, I don’t know where I got that crazy notion from, but non the less I spent a month just planning the layout and hacking away at the roughs, night after night and most weekends. For the most part I was passive about the project, I didn’t apply myself the way i normally do on other projects, But Andile was hyping it up on social media, so at one of my exhibitions, a guy I met there asked me about it, his friend also showed interest and they seemed really excited about it. And then it dawned on me that i have a standard to uphold, so I couldn’t half ass this one.

After I submitted a first colored draft I began reworking the comic with proper research and references, I essentially re-drew most of it in about half a month. The more I worked on it the more I began to enjoy myself, I hadn’t done something like this in a while. A few months after Submitting the comic , Young hustla Intiative had printed and distributed it to a school, until this point my connection to the comic was just through the screen and as a project to flex my muscles, but then i saw the smiles on those kid’s faces I almost teared up. It reminded me of much of myself when I was in school with my Supa Strikas comic book, I didn’t dream I’d end up influencing lives the way I did and how important it is to keep doing what I do.

Also, Andile decided to go test out the concept of being a beggar, I didn’t believe him till he sent me the photos, this guy’s passion is truly amazing. He spent two hours traffic advertising the comic because he believed in it so much, I don’t know anyone who would do that.

The comic book is available as a free download on


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