CyzoArt | STALKER | PART 1
We are all online stalkers
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We all have people who we follow on social media platforms, so just like all of you I often view their profiles while masterfully avoiding the like button, because it’s creepy liking someone’s post from 2009 at 3 AM in the morning, so we “Stalk” them.

But these are people that fill up our timelines when we check our feeds (newspaper) everyday, for me it’s normally other creatives who create amazing content, in this case it’s in the form of photography, I came across work from Anthony Bila (this guy’s work is insane)  featuring the Duo from prime obsession while in the Instagram explorer tab, I was honestly inspired by what I was looking at so I channelled all of that inspiration, fantastic posing coupled with great photography and art direction that makes for great visual reference. The same goes for Itumeleng Khunene,I often use her photographs as part of my reference library  for life drawings, studies and fashion reference,posing etc. Yes I stalk a lot (t_t”)

There are so many people who inspire out there and I will continue to stalk all of you, so here is to part 1 of STALKER.



 Prime obsession : @prime_obsession

Itumeleng Khunene : @Terracotta_cells

Anthony Bila: @theexpressionist

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